Erasmus Students Network

Explore the life of Erasmus student while doing the course. See what the Erasmus students network is all about and its role.

The Erasmus Program

Read about Erasmus program, which is a student exchange program. Explore the living & studying abroad experience in the Erasmus program.

Christmas in Barcelona Spain

Read about the Christmas in Barcelona & how it is celebrated. Explore info on Christmas in Barcelona Spain & what it means to people.

Barcelona Night life

See what makes Barcelona nightlife so unique, different & so happening. Explore Barcelona night life to see what makes people stay awake the whole night.

The Erasmus Parties

Get info on Erasmus party and why these parties are a big hit with Erasmus students. Understand the purpose behind the Erasmus party.

Different Barcelona Customs

One must read about Barcelona customs in planning to make a visit or staying there for some time as a tourist or a student. With an extraordinary artistic heritage and a city of rich architecture, one will come across different Barcelona customs.

To start with , let us discuss some common Barcelona customs, an acquaintance with which will sure come handy for the tourists and  the Erasmus students. For example, you should always greet the other person with ‘good day’ or ‘good evening’ and then shake hands. You need to shake hands again on departing. A more casual hi or hello is used among friends.

Male and female acquaintances can kiss each other lightly on cheek but never on lips. Close family members and male friends can embrace each other. Remember another of another of Barcelona customs and that is to avoid calling between the siesta hours, between 2 and 5 pm when most people take a nap. Always apologies if you end up disturbing someone during those hours.

Don’t expect a Spaniard to arrive on time if you have an appointment with him. But being more than 15 minutes late is considered to be rude and impolite. So keep an apology ready if you are late. Keep these different Barcelona customs in your mid all the time.

You will find both Spanish men and women well groomed all the time. Fashion and style fashion are important to them. you will need to wear formal clothes on some occasions. However, there are very few dress rules in Barcelona. Keep those short dresses and bathing costumes for the beaches and wear casual clothes on the streets.

Another of the common Barcelona customs is to always say ‘good appetite’ before every meal.

Follow the above mentioned   Barcelona customs while there.

Common Barcelona Customs

Explore different Barcelona customs to understand the city better. Read about the common Barcelona customs followed by its people.

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Lodging in Barcelona Spain

Gather info on lodging in Barcelona and different options available. Read about lodging in Barcelona Spain and where to stay.

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Fun Things to do in Barcelona

Want to know the fun things to do in Barcelona? Explore the interesting things to do in Barcelona Spain for a great experience.

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Erasmus Students Network

Explore the life of Erasmus student while doing the course. See what the Erasmus students network is all about and its role.

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