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Christmas in Barcelona Spain

Read about the Christmas in Barcelona & how it is celebrated. Explore info on Christmas in Barcelona Spain & what it means to people.

Barcelona Night life

See what makes Barcelona nightlife so unique, different & so happening. Explore Barcelona night life to see what makes people stay awake the whole night.

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Barcelona Nightlife

Spain's second biggest city Barcelona is world famous for its nightlife. In fact Barcelona nightlife is packed with so much of party punch, you will find much more going on once the sun sets down. Whether you want to get down with the glitterati or go high with the hippies, or just want to keep pace the local, you get endless choices to savor the Barcelona night life.

With close to 2 million people, one gets to explore a lot many exciting neighborhoods to check out to enjoy Barcelona nightlife. Explore the narrow streets of the medieval Old Town Las Ramblas, that is Barcelona's busiest boulevard by day. Las Ramblas starts breathing the night, even before the sun goes own when the street performers start playing. You will find locals and tourists heading out for drinks and dinner and getting ready for a great Barcelona night life ahead. You will find the restaurants spilling over with customers, gorging themselves with some delicious Spanish treats. There are plenty of bars and clubs to cater to the ends of everyone.

You will come across a lot of tourists, foreigners and students, specially, Erasmus students.Ypou will find every kind of night club, from tourist techno trash to jazz. Some popular options to celebrate Barcelona nightlife are Rita Blue and Bosque de los Fades.

Another of the favorite for Barcelona night life is Maremagnum, which is Barcelona's biggest mall. By night, many clubs, pubs and bars take over the area and there is everything from Irish pubs to Salsa to Techno. Port Olímpic too is immensely popular among tourists for enjoying   Barcelona night life with a stretch of clubs. Although you may find the drinks to be somewhat  pricey.

You can also book an incredible tour of Barcelona nightlife that will take you to all the happening spots in the night. Feel free to check out Barcelona Party Nights, Opium Beach Club and many other hotspots that you will get see only at night in Barcelona.

Common Barcelona Customs

Explore different Barcelona customs to understand the city better. Read about the common Barcelona customs followed by its people.

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Lodging in Barcelona Spain

Gather info on lodging in Barcelona and different options available. Read about lodging in Barcelona Spain and where to stay.

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Fun Things to do in Barcelona

Want to know the fun things to do in Barcelona? Explore the interesting things to do in Barcelona Spain for a great experience.

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Erasmus Students Network

Explore the life of Erasmus student while doing the course. See what the Erasmus students network is all about and its role.

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