Erasmus Students Network

Explore the life of Erasmus student while doing the course. See what the Erasmus students network is all about and its role.

The Erasmus Program

Read about Erasmus program, which is a student exchange program. Explore the living & studying abroad experience in the Erasmus program.

Christmas in Barcelona Spain

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Barcelona Night life

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The Erasmus Parties

Get info on Erasmus party and why these parties are a big hit with Erasmus students. Understand the purpose behind the Erasmus party.

Erasmus Students

Thousands of students participate every year in the Erasmus program and flock to different countries like Barcelona and others to study. In order to qualify for the program, the Erasmus students must be studying for a degree and should have completed their first year. They also need to be the citizen of any one of the countries in the wider Socrates program.

Erasmus students study for a period of 3 months in any other European country like Barcelona for instance. The time they spend abroad while participating in the Erasmus is recognized by their university when they go back. Erasmus students need not pay extra tuition fees to the university that they visit. Additionally, they can apply for an ERASMUS funding or scholarship to cover their living expenses while staying abroad in any of the 33 participating countries. The time period for the Erasmus course cans stretch from three to 12 months each, thus totaling to 24 months. Erasmus students with special needs and physical disabilities may also get extra help and funding.

Erasmus students network
Erasmus Student Network , also referred to as ESN, has been set up for the purpose of supporting and developing student exchange. Today, the network has more than twelve thousand members in polytechnics, universities and polytechnics.

Erasmus students network works on both national and international level. It promotes the social integration of the exchange students on personal level, giving them valuable information as well as help in adjusting to their new surroundings. This makes it easy for the newcomers to mix up in their new environments with ease and take full advantage of the Erasmus course.

To gather more info on Erasmus students network, one should first get in touch with the he international office of the organization in their country or state. The office will be able to guide about the network, the course, the selection procedure, institutions and financial support.

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Erasmus Students Network

Explore the life of Erasmus student while doing the course. See what the Erasmus students network is all about and its role.

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