Erasmus Students Network

Explore the life of Erasmus student while doing the course. See what the Erasmus students network is all about and its role.

The Erasmus Program

Read about Erasmus program, which is a student exchange program. Explore the living & studying abroad experience in the Erasmus program.

Christmas in Barcelona Spain

Read about the Christmas in Barcelona & how it is celebrated. Explore info on Christmas in Barcelona Spain & what it means to people.

Barcelona Night life

See what makes Barcelona nightlife so unique, different & so happening. Explore Barcelona night life to see what makes people stay awake the whole night.

The Erasmus Parties

Get info on Erasmus party and why these parties are a big hit with Erasmus students. Understand the purpose behind the Erasmus party.

Lodging in Barcelona

Lodging in Barcelona can be a bit difficult to find. There is an accommodation shortage, especially in the upper middle sector. It is common to come across "No Vacancies" all over the city. This can make things a bit difficult for most Erasmus students.

However, if one looks around there are some options available. The tourists and travelers can always look up hotels and rooms. If you make preparations before hand , then chances are you will end up landing some good options for affordable and comfortable lodging in Barcelona Spain. You can find apartment, rooms, flats and some good hotels for your stay in Barcelona.

As for the students or the Erasmus students, they can always get in touch with the student network to take care of their lodging in Barcelona Spain. There are choices for sharing flats on rent with other students. One can easily find 1, 2 or 3 room student flats including kitchen and attached baths. There are residence halls and college dorms available too for the Erasmus students.  But the students need to fill in an application describing their requirements and lodging needs.

Before you finalize any arrangement for lodging in Barcelona, get complete infor5maiton on the location, services, prices etc related to the room or flat. Get pictures if possible. Information about any vacant shared flats in updated on the related websites every other day.

Generally speaking, all these flats available for renting out are fully furnished and come with major electrical appliances and kitchenware. Services like gas, water and electricity must be hired. Make sure your apartment is near a subway stop. Quarterly rent in advance is paid to the owner in advance.

Agreements are signed between the owner and the tenant according to the rules and regulations and the rent agreed to.

Common Barcelona Customs

Explore different Barcelona customs to understand the city better. Read about the common Barcelona customs followed by its people.

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Lodging in Barcelona Spain

Gather info on lodging in Barcelona and different options available. Read about lodging in Barcelona Spain and where to stay.

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Fun Things to do in Barcelona

Want to know the fun things to do in Barcelona? Explore the interesting things to do in Barcelona Spain for a great experience.

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Erasmus Students Network

Explore the life of Erasmus student while doing the course. See what the Erasmus students network is all about and its role.

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